Lux For Life

Lux for Life is about looking forward and seeing that small changes can make a big difference. The simple steps you take to improve the environment in your home today can have a great effect on your comfort and health in the long run.

Lux for Life is also about improving the quality of your life by improving the lives of our communities. Lux contributes to local, national and international charities around the world. And because we want to help our communities maintain healthy outdoor environments as well as healthy indoor environments, we collect and recycle old machines and packaging.

G.H. Starke is only the beginning of Lux South Africa's community venture. We too intend to play an integral role in uplifting our local communities.

We pledge to continue supporting those members of our society who are most vulnerable and at risk to the ever increasing health problems associated with allergies, asthma, hay-fever and related illnesses.

Together we can create a brighter future for all of our citizens.

Finally, Lux for Life is about partnership - about a company, its employees, and its customers all working together to ensure that a choice for Lux is a choice for life.