Bright Home

  • To provide our customers with a bright home is our goal, this has been our core business since 1912.
  • Today the Lux 1 Royal is not just a vacuum cleaner but also part of a highly efficient cleaning system enabling the total cleaning of your home. It comes with a range of useful accessories all tailor-made to fit your cleaning needs.
  • In our Bright Home product line you will also find our new Steam cleaner and its many useful accessories.
Some of it's advantages
  1. It has the lowest noise level in the market yet still maintains it's superior suction performance.
  2. It is made of Swedish stainless steel giving it an elegant look but still durable ensuring you a much longer life span.
  3. It's unique triple layer filtration system ensures that you always have clean fresh air when you clean.
  4. Its 10m reachabilty allows you to clean vast areas without unnecessary plugging in and out.
  5. The rubber around the unit protects your furniture from scratches and dents.

With the Aim of making every home a Lux Home, where we offer tailor-made consumer finance solutions in all markets which we operate up to 24 months. With this comes:

  • Superior after sales customer service with a 48 service commitment.
  • Free delivery of consumables.
  • 5 year guarantee.
  • Excellent customer service from our customer hotline.
  • Customer feedback surveys to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Fulfilling this obligation makes Lux the market leader in customer service.